Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Good And Bad Of eBay

One thing for sure eBay is the king of online auction. There are many online auction sites out there, but to really make money doing this sort of thing, eBay is the place to do it.. I made close to $300 dollars last week on eBay myself.

However with great power come great chances to abuse that power. Take Google, the dictator of the Internet who invented page rank and the rules that come along with it and then they break those rules if you do something they don’t like. Well, eBay knowing that they are the top of the heap when it comes to online auctions keep raising their fees whenever they feel like it.

Their latest fee raise came in the guise of helping sellers out. They lowered the insertion fees and even made gallery pics free, but they picked those fees up and more on the final cost fees. They totally killed sellers selling cars and other big ticket by raising their fees on both ends.

Like I said if you’re going to sell items at auction sites eBay holds the reins and you can make money there. But I still think the constant raising of fees is an abuse of power. And that says it all.

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