Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jersey Shore

Guest post from: Mohamed Simon

Every time my friend and I make plans to go out to dinner and a movie, we inevitably decide to stay in and have wine and cheese. It’s not that we’re anti-social, we just get to the end of our work weeks and can’t seem to summon up enough energy to actually look presentable enough for a night out. Seeing as weeks and sometimes months go by between our catch-up sessions, they tend to last for hours. We usually sit on her back porch and trade stories, while sipping wine.

A bottle later, we decide that it’s a fantastic idea to pop another cork and get started on our second. The mosquitoes are usually eating me up by this time, so we move inside to watch whatever shows she has yet to watch on her tvbydirect in Wayneseboro. During our latest hangout, the selection was Jersey Shore. I’m not sure how I have managed to go this long without seeing this debacle, but I am happy to say that I am far from hooked!