Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Gene Simmons Sex Tape

Although I was never a Kiss fan I am a Gene Simmons fan. I like when Gene was playing bad guys in the moves back in the 80s. I also enjoyed his appearance on “The Celebrity Apprentice” I hated to see him get fired.

Well it seems Gene Simmons has made another appearance this time in a leaked sex tape. Apparently Gene is seen having sex with a sexy young Austrian model, named Elsa who is one of the Frank's Energy Drink girls for which Gene Simmons is a spokesman.

Gene has had a 20-year relationship with Shannon Tweed and the couple has two children, Nicholas, 19, and Sophie, 15. I have to wonder how the appearance of this sex tape will affect Gene and Shannon’s relationship. But knowing Gene Simmons, he’s bound to come out of this unskaved. And that says it all.

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