Thursday, November 3, 2011

Modern Family

Content by Kyle Lowe
Oh, Modern Family. I am beginning to feel like I talk about this show entirely too much. Is that possible, do you think? I feel like I’m about one step away from being that weird person who responds to “How are you?” with total word vomit of the “Did you see Modern Family last night?!” variety. While I’m aware this is probably not healthy, I would venture to say I’m not alone. That show is singularly the funniest sitcom that’s been on TV in years. There are no poorly fleshed out characters. There are no poorly thought out plotlines. There is nothing but pure comic genius in the form of eleven hilarious characters. The themes are just high-brow enough that I don’t feel dumber watching it, and the jokes are accessible enough that the majority of the populace can laugh at them. I hope so, at least. Otherwise I’m terribly saddened by the current state of our collective senses of humor. I feel like I digressed there a little, and that’s clearly a topic for a more in-depth post. The point is, Modern Family is definitely the best show on Expert Satellite. If you disagree we probably can’t be friends.