Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Very bad girls

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

The Bad Girls Club is one of the Oxygen Channel's biggest hits. This show throws together a diverse group of young women with very little in common except that they all consider themselves bad, bad girls.

In The Bad Girls Club's first season a drunken Ripsi reeled about threatening to get physical with anyone who crossed her path. At first the other girls in the house reacted rather calmly but as Ripsi grew more agitated and aggressive the situation threatened to get out of control. The producers stepped in to restore relative peace and Ripsi was absent from subsequent episodes. I became an instant fan of this over the top show about the self-professed bad girls and their antics.

I watch The Bad Girls Club on http://www.cannonsatellite.com and never miss an episode. Now in its sixth season the show's budget has apparently increased with its popularity. The Bad Girls are housed in an opulent Los Angeles mansion and take frequent limousine road trips. The Bad Girls themselves have also become more extreme with this season featuring a tomboy, a Barbie, a southern belle, a corporate executive and a hippie. I can't wait to see what happens.