Friday, January 6, 2012


Thanks to Lemuel Craft

I am originally from Chicago. I went to undergrad at Vanderbilt and decided to stay in Nashville for law school because I loved it so much. I practiced law for the last ten years in New York City. Recently, a job opportunity became available in Chicago. It sort of fell in my lap and I felt like it was meant to be. I am looking forward to being near my family again.

While, I would travel back to see them about every two months, I just can’t wait to see my parents every Sunday for lunch after church. When I got an offer and signed the contract, I immediately headed to Chicago to search for a place. I found a great home in a building that is pretty close to my parent’s brownstone. It was a great price and I immediately jumped at the opportunity to purchase it.

It is a place that I can see myself living for a long time. I think that it is going to be a great place. I have hired a decorator to help me pick some curtains and make some window treatments. My mom is meeting illinois home security there before the big move so that I can get an alarm system installed. Other than that, I am ready to move!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why I Love Sci Fi Movies

I am a huge fan of sci-fi movies I just can get enough of them. I was asked the other day why I love sci-fi movies so much and my answer was because they are a total escape.

Movies are supposed to be an escape from everyday life where you can go to a fantasy world and get away from the humdrum of your own life. Well science fiction movies do that in spades.

Mysteries, suspense and action movies take you from your real life, but they are still within the real world. I like to be taken totally away. Science fiction takes you to different worlds, different times and different possibilities. It is a total and absolute escape and I love it.

It makes you wonder about what can be and what will be. It totally sparks the imagination. For me there is nothing better. And that says it all.

Paleo Cooking For the Paleo Diet

I recently did some research for this Squidoo lens I did for a Paleo Diet cookbook. I the process of doing my research I found out a lot about the diet and how good for you Paleo cooking is. For those of you that are as clueless as I was about this diet before doing the research this diet basically goes back to paleolithic era.

In the days of the caveman our ancestors ate natural foods provided by Mother Nature. Now that doesn't mean just fruits and vegetables, it also included some meats, fish, nuts and seeds. These foods not only allowed our ancestors to maintain a natural weight, they also gave them the energy they needed to do their hunting and gathering as well as kept them healthy.

Paleo cooking allows use now to prepare those foods in a healthy and tasty manner that we are accustom to.

The one cookbook that I found that offers lots of recipes to use for every meal is the "Paleo Recipe Book". It has over 370 recipes so your meals will never get boring.

If you're thinking about trying this diet or are already on it you must give this recipe a try. And that says it all.