Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Problem With Technology

I was talking with a friend the other day about how I was going to call him but couldn’t find his phone number. I use to know this guy’s phone number by heart but he had it changed a few years ago and I never memorized the new number.

Now I call this guy all the time, but I always use the saved number in my phone. Well, this time when I wanted to call him I wasn’t near my phone. This made me realize the problem with technology.

Technology is useful and it makes our lives easier, but also makes us lazy and dependent on it. If you can just go to a number in your, push a button and the phone dial the number for you, you’re not going to remember that number because one of the ways we remember things is by doing that thing over and over.

Now they have cars that can park themselves and they’re now talking about cars that can drive themselves period. They gadgets that you can tell what to do and they will do it. With all of this we are not going to remember how to do anything. What if these things break down, where will that leave us? Like me wanting to call my friend and not being by my phone so it could dial the number. Think about it. And that says it all.

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