Saturday, December 1, 2007

Minding Your Own Business

I think people have always been too concerned with what other people are doing. In some cases it’s good to be concerned with what some people are doing especially these days with kids shooting up schools and colleges, drug dealers all around and crime at an all time high.

However, people are mostly concerned with things that are not necessary. Things like why Harry has to have a new car every year or how many guys Mary has over her house or aren’t I to old to watch cartoons? As long as people aren’t hurting other people and aren’t doing harm to themselves, why is it anybodies business what they do.

Sure, people can do some pretty stupid things and I often wonder why they are doing it, but it’s just a thought that enters my mind and then I’m off to something else. But I have seen people become outraged or consumed with something that someone they didn’t even know was doing.

I was riding with a friend who became obsessed with a guy we saw sweeping a street by the curb on a windy day with leaves blowing all around. We were at a stop light when we saw this and I thought, “that’s kind of stupid those leaves are just going to keep coming back” and that was it. My friend however went on and on about how the guy was wasting his time and why is he sweeping the street in the first place and a lot of other things.

I was thinking what difference should it make to him? Thank guy isn’t bothering anyone. It’s not like he was out in the street blocking traffic. I wondered why that bothered him so much. Then I got to thinking that there is a lot of people like that. People who are just busy bodies, nosey or just have to have something to complain about.

I have too much in my life to be concerned about to worry myself about what stupid thing somebody else is doing. To those people who are so concerned about what Tom, Dick, Mary and Sally are doing I say get a life and mind your own business. And that says it all.

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