Monday, December 31, 2007

Crazy News Monday; Karma Will Get You

On the hit comedy show “My Name Is Earl” it’s all about how karma pays you back for the things you do. A burglar in Massachusetts named Daniel Cabral found that out the hard way. After being arrested and charged with burglarizing the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth building, he was arraigned and released until his next court date. Daniel had given a false address so it was doubtful that Daniel intended to return.

Well, a few Hours later, Daniel was robbed at gunpoint while walking home from a bar. He reported the robbery to police, this time giving them his real address. The police arrested two suspects and a man accused of being an accomplice after the fact. They also got a search warrant for Daniel's real address and found computer equipment that had been taken from the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth building as well as power tools that had been reported missing from a local theater.

Daniel was however released on his own recognizance. This just goes to show you as we have learned from Earl Hickey from “My Name Is Earl”, karma will bite you in the ass. And that says it all.

Have A Happy New Year

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