Monday, December 17, 2007

The Best Of Depp

I think that Johnny Depp is one of the most under rated actors around. He is an actor that chooses off beat roles and I think as a result he doesn’t get the credit he deserves as that great actor that he is.

His role as Edward Scissors Hands in the movie “Edward Scissors Hands” was absolutely fantastic. Another role that I just loved him in was Willy Wonka in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. I like the way he played Wonka as a grown up man-boy. If I was to pick my favorite scene from these movies I would say the last scene in “Edward Scissors Hands” when Edward is making the ice angel and it makes it look like it’s snowing in the small California town is the one I like best in that movie. The scene I like best in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is when the gates to the chocolate factory open and the kids and the parents who were invited to the factory go in. There’s this big production to introduce Willy Wonka. A chair rows around that Wonka is supposed to be in, but it’s empty. All the dolls and things catch fire and the music winds down and there’s Wonka with the invited clapping his hands. He says how he enjoyed the intro and how he thought it got kind of flat in the middle, picked up at the end.

Both of these are great scenes in my opinion, but if I had to choose the one I liked best it would have to be the scene in “Edward Scissors Hands”.

Well, now Johnny Depp is in a new movie, which is also directed by Tim Burton, like “Edward Scissors Hands” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” were. The new movie is titled “Sweeny Todd” and will hit theaters December 21st. It looks to be as good and as offbeat as the other two.

Go visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site for info on the cast and crew, trailer of the movie and downloads. You will also want to visit Sweeney Todd on MySpace for more fun stuff. And that says it all.

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