Monday, December 3, 2007

Crazy News Monday; Teen Pulls Robberies, But Minds Parent

Every parent what’s a child that does what they tell them to do. If you your child a curfew you want that child to follow it and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if your child went to church every Sunday either.

Well, that’s exactly what 18 year old Justin T. Veal did. When Justin was out robbing businesses he always made sure he made it home by his curfew time and he never pulled robberies on Sunday because his mother made him go to church on that day. Justin netted about $10,000 in the robberies. He said he did it to fix his car, to buy jewelry and to keep up with everyone else.

At one time he even state he needed the money to buy gas to get the two jobs he just got. Either way you look at it Justin did mind his mother’s rules. I guess you can say he’s a good bad kid. And that says it all.

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