Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Payment From Google Adsense

I was pleasantly surprised last night when I went to check my bank account to see if a PayPal withdrawal that I made had made it to my account. On the first page of my account where it just show how much money is the account I noticed some extra money. When I went to the details page is when I saw the Google Adsense payment.

I knew I had made it to my pay out amount at Google and I know they say they will pay before the end of the next month after you have reached your pay out amount. Since I reached my pay out amount in November I knew I was supposed to get my payment this month.

I did have my doubts however after reading horror stories of accounts being closed just when they reached the pay out amount and after getting a PR spanking on my other blog having it drop from a PR2 to a PR0. I’m just glad that it worked that I was able to get my payment. And that says it all.

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