Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jesse Blogs About Me

Jesse The Cat, over at called Jesse Blogs It All has done a wonderful interview with me titled The Surreal Michael Bridges. It surprised me that anybody would want to do an interview with me so I was very honored to be asked.

Jesse is relatively new to the blogging scene she has only been blogging for about four months. But, she is already on her way to making her mark in the blogging community, just look at the amount of comments she gets to her post and it’s no wonder, her post are insightful and very heartfelt. You get a sense of how thoughtful and caring a person Jesse is.

I think Jesse The Cat is a very good blogger, she has a great blog and I’m ashamed that it took her to do an interview with me before I did a post about her. You owe it to yourself to checkout Jesse Blogs It All. And that says it all.

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