Thursday, August 2, 2007

Having A Bad? Don’t Take It Out On Me!

We’ve all seen people who are having a bad day and take it out on everybody around them. They then come back later and apologize saying they’re sorry they yelled at you or whatever they did and say that they were having a bad day.

Well, I don’t give a damn how bad a day they had, I didn’t cause it and I don’t want the fact that they are having a bad day be an excuse to mistreat me or treat me like anything less than an adult. In fact I won’t stand for it and I will let them know.

I’ve seen so many times an adult person get dressed down like they were a kid and then say to me “Oh, they’re just having a bad day”. So what, are you the one that caused it? If not that person has no right to treat you like that. In fact they have no right to treat like you’re less than an adult even if you did cause it.

I’m the type of person that if I’m having a bad day, you would never know it, unless it’s you’re fault. Even then I would approach you like an adult and try to resolve whatever it is that causing the problem. I’m not saying I won’t get mad and start yelling or something if someone is being unreasonable, but I will try to approach that person the way I would want to be approached if the situation was reversed.

I’m not going to be mean and snotty or talk to you in a less than pleasant tone if you had nothing to do with me having a bad day. For the most part if I’m having a bad day I’ll just try to keep to myself.

So, I just want to say stop using the excuse of having a bad day as a reason to treat people badly and you people on the other end stop accepting that as an excuse for being treated bad. Let that person know that you are not the cause of them having a bad day and that you what to be treated with respect. You can be sympathetic to them having a bad day, but don’t be a doormat. And that says it all.

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