Monday, August 27, 2007

Crazy News Monday 8/27/07

There is always something nutty going on in the news so I decided that I would reserve Mondays for a crazy news item. Last week, which wasn’t officially “Crazy News Monday”, I told you about the guy who threw her off of their fourth-floor balcony because he was sick of her being sick. This week I want to talk about this guy who tried to open an airplane door while in flight. Is that crazy enough for you?
Apparently this guy went nuts and tried to open the back door on the airplane at 30,000 feet. A passenger who was seated next to the crazed man said that the guy was acting strange all during the flight, bouncing up and down in seat, counting his fingers, picking at his face and hair. When the guy got up to go to the supposedly to go to the bathroom a flight attendant was heard calling for help. Passengers, including the man setting next to the deranged man were able to subdue the guy and duct tape him to a seat.

The crazed man then kept yelling and biting at the duct tape so he was farther restrained with seatbelts. The man was arrested when the plane landed. Airline officials said there was no way the man could have opened the door, but I don’t know about that. Crazy people can sometimes have incredible strength and aren’t those doors made to open somehow in an emergency?

Any if you’re on an airplane and you see someone acting a little strange, keep an eye on them, you might have to duct tape them to a seat. And that says it all.

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