Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Making A Change Makes A Better Relationship

Me and my girlfriend use to be at each other’s throats all the time. We argue it seems like every other day. Then one day it stopped. We are now getting along better than we ever had, we laugh and joke and tease each other (out of fun), which we could never do before and we have and give each other more respect.

We both use to be afraid of saying anything to each other because we never knew what might set off an argument. Now I know you’re saying then way stay together? Well, because we both knew how the other good person could be. How good we were in the beginning and how good we were to each other when we weren’t arguing. We weren’t cheating on each other and we didn’t have money problems (don’t get me wrong we don’t have much money, it’s just not a problem), we just had things the other did that got on our nerves so bad that sometimes it just blew up out of proportion.

Okay, so what changed? What change was we both decided to change ourselves instead of trying to change the other person. We started looking at the things we were doing that might be causing the problem instead of blaming each other for causing the problem. We decided to change the way we re-acted to things and put them in there proper perspective. For me, I have things that if anybody does them it irritates me to no end and my girlfriend does most of those things and it use to cause a lot of problems. But by changing the way I re-act to those things my girlfriend was more willing to try and be more conscious of them and not do them.

One thing though, in order for this change to work, both partners has to be willing to make the change. So if you’re having problems in you’re relationship but you want to stay together, if you really care for each other and you really want your relationship to work out and you really want to enjoy each other, make the change, believe me you’ll be glad you did. And that says it all.

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