Thursday, July 5, 2007

Where Are The Kids

A friend and were talking today about how we hardly ever see kids out playing anymore. I remember when I was a kid we were always outside playing. We’d be playing football, tag, kick ball or just out running around, but I don’t see kids out doing any of that or out at all.

Have video games made kids less physically active? Is that part of the reason more kids are over weight because they’re sitting in front of a TV or computer screen playing games instead of being outside running and doing physical activities with each other? Maybe the lack of interaction with each other and the violence in those games is the reason why it’s so easy for kids to hurt and even kill each other. It’s easy not to care about people if you have little or no contact with them. Then if somebody does something to you that you don’t like or that you think is disrespectful you have no thought about doing harm to them.

I know there are other factors involved with why kids are more violent today, but I also know that when we were outside playing with each other as kids, we may have had disagreements and fights, but the next day we were back outside playing with each other again. We would even go to different neighborhoods and play with strangers (kids that is) that we didn’t even know.

Maybe it’s time parents started urging their kids to get away from the video games and go outside and play some games. They might get to know each other better and become friends and not want to hurt or kill one another. And that says it all.

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