Friday, July 13, 2007

The War In Iraq Is Not A War On Terror

I can’t believe that people still believe that the war in Iraq is a war on terror. Even the news media keeps calling it a war on terror. Give me break. Come on people this has never been a war on terror, that’s just one of the names this war has been called and it just stuck.

Lets recap the names this war has been called. First it was a war to find “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. That didn’t stick because there were no weapons of mass destruction. Then it was called “A War to Help the People of Iraq” that kind of stuck and is sometimes alluded to. But the big winner is “The War on Terror”, but now it’s becoming “A War to Help the Iraqi People Protect Themselves”.

Okay let’s examine this logically for a minute. There are terrorist in Iraq, but they are terrorizing Iraq. It has been proven that Iraq had nothing to do with the terrorist that attacked this country. In fact Iraq and Al-Qaida (who actually attacked the US and other countries) don’t even get along. Iraq isn’t the people that are terrorizing other countries like the recent attack in England. Iraq has only really been a terror to itself after Saddam was run out of Kuwait.

So way did we attack Iraq? Well, from what I’ve read and seen, Bush and Cheney had hard ons about taking Saddam out. They were tired of his games, but from what I understand Cheney really pushed the idea of a war with Iraq. And I know it’s a cliché now, but I believe it was also to have some control on the oil there. On the day of the attack or a day after, President Bush made an announcement and in that announcement he urged to Iraqi people not to bother the oil wells. Open your eyes, doesn’t that say something.

I think this war has lasted longer then anybody thought it would. I think the President it would be like the Kuwait war where Saddam’s soldiers were giving up to get a meal. Now we have to stay to save face. We promised we would help get the Iraqi army to a point where they could protect their country and we can’t leave until that’s done.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m behind the troops all the way. They are doing what their commander and chief has ordered them to do. But war on terror this is not and it never has been and it’s a shame that our young men and women are dieing for a lie. And that says it all.

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