Monday, July 9, 2007

Live Earth Live Us

With Live Earth and his commitment to bringing awareness to Global Warming, Al Gore has literarily re-invented his image. He has jumped on this issue and made it his own and I say good for him. I think he’s done a much better job of bringing awareness to the problem of global warming than anyone before him, hell even I am paying more attention to it now.

So with Gore making more people aware of global warming and wanting to do something about it, why then is the news media bashing him so much. I keeping seeing them say that Gore is wrong, his data is flawed and that global warming isn’t as big a problem as Gore is making it out to be if there is any global warming at all.

First of all why weren’t they saying that when the other folks were trying to bring awareness to the global warming problem and with Live Aide. Is it that the news media, who has always been a Gore basher since he was Vice President just like beating down their favorite beating board? They talked about the energy being used to put on the concerts for Live Earth, but if it helps make more people start using less energy isn’t that worth it?

I’m not a big Gore fan, I never thought of the man one way or the other, but he is doing something now that might help save the planet whatever his reasons are. I say leave the guy alone and let him do what he’s thing. They say global warming might be some imagined problem, well I think something is going on. Here in the Midwest I remember we used to get snow and cold weather from like October clear to about the middle o March and now we might not get snow until January. Not I like snow or cold weather, I hate it, but it just shows the change in the planets climate.

I say it might be good for us to jump on the Gore bandwagon and start doing things to save energy and not pollute the planet and stop destroying the ozone. We need to stop killing the planet. A live earth means a live us. And that says it all.

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