Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mortgage Bailout

Mortgage loans can be very helpful when you need money to help pay some outstanding bills or you just want to get something you’ve always wanted. I have a friend who just bought a boat using a mortgage loan. However every borrower is not made the same. Some people that get Mortgage loan are not able to pay that loan back and should not be given the loan in the first place.

Loaning to unqualified borrowers costs taxpayers money due to FHA bailouts and is causing a crisis in the lending industry. Greedy lenders looking only at their commissions are pushing people into getting homes and interest only products that they can’t afford.

Marketing intelligence is what it’s going to take to keep us from having to use our tax dollars to bailout banks, mortgage lenders and unqualified borrowers and to keep banks and mortgage lending businesses from collapsing.

Red Clay Media has the technology and services that can help banks and lenders target borrowers that can actually afford to pay back their mortgage loans. Using direct marketing lenders can target a more qualified borrower.

Red Clay Media offers consumer data, fulfillment, analytics, and more. Their direct mail method helps lenders find the right people to make loans to while eliminating high risk borrowers.

Mortgage lenders should look into Red Clay Media and avoid high risk lending. And that says it all.

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