Monday, November 26, 2007

Crazy News Monday; Purse Snatcher Gets The Finger

A woman in Gwinnett County had her finger torn off in a purse snatching incident. Besides the woman’s finger being torn off, the other strange thing is that it was a drive by purse snatching. Caesare Pinkins, 21 apparently drive up to this woman, grabbed her purse and stepped on the gas tearing not only the purse from the woman’s hand, but a finger as well.

This woman must have had one hell of a grip on that purse. It makes me wonder what she had in there that was so valuable. Unfortunately surgeons were unable to reattach the woman’s finger.

I’m not sure this woman had a chance to think to let go of the purse and just let the purse snatcher have it, it seems everything happened so fast. But ladies please remember, if someone tries to snatch your purse just let them have it. Whatever you have in it is not worth your life or your finger. And that says it all.

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