Monday, November 5, 2007

Crazy News Monday, Dead Man Walking

Okay, this comes from the UK and I just had to post it. It seems that a woman in Manchester had a funeral and over saw the cremation of a man she thought was her son.
Gina Partington held the man’s hand, kissed his head and stayed I stayed with him for about 40 minutes. She even cried over the man at the funeral thinking he was her son.

Well, the kicker is that her real son, Thomas Dennison, was found the next day 80 miles away in Nottingham alive and kicking. Apparently and a caretaker who knew Thomas identified the dead man as him. What’s even stranger is Thomas’s mother also identified the dead man as her son. She said that the resemblance was remarkable.

They say we all have a twin out there that looks just like us, a kind of doppelganger if you will. Looks like they found Thomas Dennison’s. Anyway, mom, remember I have a birthmark under my right arm. And that says it all.

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