Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Building A Blogging Empire

I was thinking today that with the popularity of blogs and ease with which a person can make money with them, the average person got actually build a blogging empire. If you create say six blogs at the same time, each with a different subject matter, maybe one that’s a general blog where you blog about anything, you have done the first step to creating your blogging empire.

Next you monetized those blogs with text ads from Google Adsense or Bidvertise, with affiliate ads from Amazon and Clickbank that fit each blogs niche, if you have a product or service put those on your blogs also. Now you have ways to start making money on your blogs that you don’t have to do much or any work with.

Now you start writing good quality post and marketing those blogs to build a readership. You can post your blog links on forums, chat rooms, discussion sites like MyLot and any other place you can think of. Join social networks like MySpace and FaceBook, make friends and send them to your blogs. Thousands of people everyday are reading blogs for entertainment, news, information, slice of life stuff and whatever. You can market stuff to these people with your niche blogs while building up your readership.

Now here is want I think is the part that will net you your living. After all of your hard work making your blogs popular and getting a high PR on Google, Alexa and Technorati, now your blogs are old enough to join paid to review sites like PayPerPost, ReviewMe, Blogvertise and others. You will be able to do high paying reviews and ask advertisers for higher pay per review. You can literally make hundreds of dollars a day.

I wish I had thought of this months ago when I started blogging, but I was so green back then. However, I am going to start putting this theory to the test. I truly believe that blogging, if done right will not only allow you to make a living, but I think you can become rich doing it. It’s really all in the marketing. And that says it all.

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