Thursday, June 7, 2007

Don’t Get Me Started On Car Insurance

I realize that car insurance is necessary part of life. We need it to help us along incase we’re in an accident and have damage to our automobile or we damage someone else’s automobile or worse damage someone else. But does it have to be such a big rip off? I think all insurance is a big rip off, but I want to talk about car insurance because it’s the one I actually have.

To begin with, let’s talk about the premiums we pay. I don’t mind paying the premium (Well, I do, but I know you have to pay for the service), but I feel if you pay the premium for let’s say two years and you don’t have an accident or use the insurance at all, let what you’ve already paid rollover until you an accident and have to us the insurance, then you pay the premium for another two years. The way it is now if you never have to use your insurance then you have just given the insurance company your money. I don’t have money I can just give away. Do you have money you can just away? If I’m going to give my money away I’ll give it to a charity that will help people not some greedy corporation. And to top it off, if you do have an accident and have to use your insurance, they’ll raise your premium. They are punishing you for using a service that you have been paying them to use. Do you understand that? You are being penalized for making them do the job that you have paid them to do.

Here is another aspect of car insurance that pisses me off. Lets say you do have an accident and maybe you are hurt. The insurance company will try their best to pay you as little as possible. If you have on-going condition that will call for multiple hospital visits, the insurance company will try to give you one lump payment that my cover a few visit knowing that you’ll need more.

Okay, yes, everybody should have car insurance you never know when you will have an accident. I had an accident last year and thank God I had insurance (I’ve been without it before). However I thank the policies that govern car insurance or any insurance should be changed to be fairer to the consumer. I realize that insurance companies need to make a profit, but come on stop giving use the big screw. And that says it all.

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