Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Men are from Mars Women are from God knows where

I was going to start posting to this blog yesterday. My first post (beside the introduction) was going to be about the Paris Hilton jail thing. But yesterday my girlfriend and I had a big blow out, which is what prompted this post.

God knows that I don’t want to alienate women from this blog, but I have to ask ladies, what the hell? Way is it that men and women can look at the same situation and see it in completely different ways? Way is it that when men say something, women take it completely different from the way it was meant? Well, I believe it’s because of the psychological way both sexes look at things.

Men tend to look at things from a logical point of view and women look at things from an emotional point of view. Example, yesterday my girlfriend brings up a problem that we have in our relationship and a question was asked, by her, how could we solve it? So I gave what I thought would be a solution, she disagreed, which was okay. I then asked what she thought would be a solution? She said she didn’t know, again that’s okay. Now I’m thinking we’ll both think about and come up with something we can agree on. She then starts talking about how she’s feeling and what would happen to the relationship if this problem wasn’t resolved. So now I’m thinking “huh”, that doesn’t have anything to do with solving the problem, that’s adding more to it. I then made the mistake of asking why she was talking about that, to which she replied, because that’s how she was feeling and that those things would happen. Well, I already knew that, but I thought we were talking about how to prevent those things. As the conversation went on it turned into the things that I was doing wrong and how I was the blame for the problem. I ended up saying a few choice words at the top of my voice and storming off.

This to me is a typical example of the way men and women look at situations differently. In my example, I was trying to find a logical solution to the problem, where as my girlfriend wanted to express her feelings and how the problem affected her, even though she asked a question.

It is very frustrating on both parts to be in a conversation where the man is trying to reason with logic and he keeps getting talk about feelings and the woman is trying to invoke an emotional response from a man and getting nothing but facts.

Well, the fact is we need both logic and emotions, so we need to find a way for both to live side by side without clashing. And that says it all.

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