Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Should Paris Hilton go to Jail? Hell Yell!

Paris Hilton is pleading with her fans to help keep her out of jail. She even has an online petition she’s asking them to sign. This petition is to be sent to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, asking him to pardon Paris. Here is some of what this petition says, "The American public who support Paris are shocked, dismayed and appalled by how Paris has been the person to be used as an example that drunk driving is wrong. She provides hope for young people all over the US and the world. She provides beauty and excitement to (most of) our otherwise mundane lives”. What the hell is that? Hey, let’s pardon serial killers, they provide excitement and mystery to our lives. Who will they kill next? Will they ever be caught? Woooo!

She provides beauty and excitement to our otherwise mundane lives, how stupid is that? Here’s another stupid quote from the petition, “we undeniably support Paris Hilton being pardoned for her honest mistake”. Yeah, let’s pardon her, it was an honest mistake. Oh, and by the way can I not get that ticket for doing 80mph in a 55mph speed zone, not wearing my seatbelt and not having insurance, it’s all an honest mistake. Paris was caught driving dunk and given probation, which she violated by driving under suspension so she should get want anybody else would get.

I believe everyone should be treated the same no matter how rich, famous or pretty they are. So Paris brings excitement into some mundane lives. I say get a life of your own. As a regular Joe, I can’t get people to sign a petition to keep me out of jail for a law violation, serious or minor and drunk driving is a very serious matter.

I don’t think Paris Hilton should be made an example of, I think her treatment should be the rule for everyone. That says it all.

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