Monday, October 22, 2007

Crazy News Monday

A couple in Montgomery came home after being away for a week to find that their home had been ransacked and burglarized. The husband, Adrian McKinnon, told his wife, to go to her sister’s house. Adrian started going through the house and looking through the mess. When he got to the sunroom the burglar walked through that back door wearing his hat.

Adrian held the thief at gunpoint and made him set on the floor. He then decided to make the man clean up the mess he had made. The burglar had the nerve to complaint to the police about being made to clean the house at gunpoint.

Maybe this should be used as an added deterrent to thieves. If they mess up someone’s home during a burglary, if they’re caught they have to clean up the home before they’re carted off to jail. And that says it all.

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