Monday, October 8, 2007

Crazy News Monday

Here’s a crazy news item that happened back in August, but closed last Friday. Michael Crocker of Meridian, Mississippi had told police that assailants had cut his tongue out. Crocker reported the tongue cutting after his neighbor and plant manager over where Crocker worked was found dead in a truck. When police went to Crocker’s home they saw that a portion of his tongue had been cut off.

Later police found that Crocker had cut out his own tongue and possibly killed his neighbor and co-worker all to cover up a $200,000 theft from his employer. This guy must have had some great painkillers to cut out his own tongue.

I know I wouldn’t kill somebody for any amount of money and I don’t think I would cut out my tongue for $200,000 or any amount of money… Okay, maybe a million. And that says it all.
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