Monday, September 3, 2007

Crazy News Monday

Last Thursday, a housekeeper found a body wrapped in plastic bags at the Hotel Carter, a run-down Times Square hotel. It’s seems that while cleaning one of the rooms the housekeeper reached under the bed and felt a foot. Now that would have scared the hell out of me.

The body was that of a white female, about six feet tall, very thin and about 130 pounds. She was also missing her right index finger, but police said that was an old injury. The woman was beaten and strangled.

Friday night police detained Clarence Dean, A registered sex offender who left the hotel abruptly Wednesday afternoon after staying there for almost two weeks.

Dean, who was required to register as a sex offender because of an attempted lewd act involving a child under age 12, has been a wanted man in Shelby County, Ala. since March when sheriff's deputies performed a check of his home and found that he had moved out without informing officials. He also failed to appear in court on a property theft case. Dean was still in custody Saturday morning, but formal charges had not been filed.
It’s not sure if this Dean killed the woman or not, but if he did there are some lessons to be learned here
Lesson number one, if you’re a wanted person, don’t kill somebody, leave the body in a room you have been staying in for two weeks and then leave abruptly. That steams to draw attention to you.
Lesson number two, don’t kill somebody and leave the body in your room in the first place. Take the body somewhere else. Why not put the body in front of someone else’s door on another floor late at night.
The third and final lesson, don’t be killing people anyway. You don’t have the right to take another person’s life unless they are threatening your life. Plus with the advancement in forensics today you’re going be caught. Don’t you watch CSI? And that says it all.
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