Monday, April 21, 2008

Crazy News Monday; Dumb Drug Dealer Reports Robbery

I tell you it seems people are getting dumber and dumber. Case in point, Christopher Canonico called Nassau County Police to report he had been robbed in North New Hyde Park. All right so far, but it gets crazy from there. Christopher was robbed during a drug deal gone bad.

Apparently two women had agreed to buy heroin from Christopher at a local gas station. While they were sitting in his car, a third person with a gun came up to the car and robbed Christopher taking $340, a cell phone and his wallet. The girls had obviously set Christopher up.

Christopher is being charged with criminal sale and criminal possession of a controlled substance. The women and man with the gun are charged with robbery and other charges. To bad Christopher couldn’t be charged with stupidity as well. And that says it all.

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