Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cat Sitting

Contributed by Milford Woods

My next door neighbor asked me to take care of her daughter’s cat while my neighbor went out of town. Obviously she does not know how much I cannot stand cats. She also has a dog, but she must have sent him off somewhere else. So I reluctantly said okay. Then I realized that the cat I would be taking care of does not even live with my neighbor because her daughter is married and has a house of her own. So she left me written instructions on how to get into her house.

First I had to unlock the door, and then go straight to the house alarm and put in the code to stop the alarm from going off. No pressure there! Then I just had to fill the food and water bowls set the alarm and leave. The first day went fine. The second day was a little different. I went in the kitchen to fill the bowls and noticed there were about a million ants swarming all through the food bowl and all over the kitchen floor.

This totally grossed me out. So I went outside and tossed all the food left in the bowl up into the woods. Then I had to find some bug spray to spray down all the ants. I filled the bowl with food and left it on the kitchen table. I figured the cat probably jumped up there all the time anyway. Thank goodness that was my last day to do in there. I can’t stand cats or ants.

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