Saturday, February 4, 2012

Some Financial Wisdom

It amazes me how stupid people can be with their finances. People seem to have a buy what I want regardless of my debt attitude.  I know people that cry about how deep they are in a hole and yet they keep spending my on things they don't need.

Here is a bit of financial wisdom folks. You don't need the internet or a bunch of apps on your cell phone. Texting cost you money.

Eating out cost you more then spending that some amount of money for groceries that will last you week rather then one day and one meal.

Charging things to your credit card gets you deeper in debt. You can't afford it, don't charge it.

Designer clothes cost more then non-designer clothes, but guess what? They do the same thing, cover you up and you can get clothes that look as good or better then the designer clothes.

These are things you don't need. Rule of thumb, if you're in debt and you can't afford it, don't spend money on it. Instead spend your money on getting out of debt and stop whining. That says it all.

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